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Our team is working nonstop, building the infrastructure we need to make progress in Arizona: registering voters, organizing volunteers and supporters in their legislative districts, and educating Arizonans on where Democrats want to bring our state. Donate now and help us continue the work to flip the legislature.

What’s at Stake

Everyday the AZ State Legislature makes decisions that affect the lives of all 7 million us. Especially in hard times, Democrats in the State Legislature work to keep money and support flowing to the hands of Arizonans. Democrats promote and uphold healthcare for ALL. Democrats fund schools and childcare, brightening our children’s futures and the future of Arizona.

Without a majority of seats, Democrats’ hands are tied. Not delivering a majority means Republicans will continue to deny and defund basic services for Arizonans (ex: education, healthcare). They will give the wealthy tax breaks and cut support to our small businesses. They will continue to jeopardize our democracy by making it harder for Arizonans to make their voices heard.

The Democrats are 4 seats away from a majority — 2 seats in each chamber.

Flipping 1 seat in each chamber would tie the legislature.

House of Representatives
29 Democrats, 31 Republicans
14 Democrats, 16 Republicans

Our Mission

The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee serves Arizonans by working to elect Democrats to the AZ State Legislature, and by fighting for a Democratic majority. The ADLCC recruits and trains candidates, supports party infrastructure, and builds diverse coalitions of Democratic champions.

Our Priorities

  1. Advocating for healthcare and quality education
  2. Igniting job growth by supporting pro-business legislation
  3. Fighting for a Democratic majority in the Arizona State House and Senate
  4. Providing Democratic legislative candidates with the resources they need to run competitive races

Success Stories

We are working to deliver a Democratic majority one seat at a time.

Learn more about how the ADLCC is successfully changing the balance of the AZ State Legislature.

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State Legislatures are the first line of defense against harmful national policies. Voting rights, health care, reproductive rights, workplace standards, education funding, the minimum wage, gun control—all these issues are being legislated in the states.

We are the only organization in the state of Arizona whose sole purpose is to elect Democrats to the State House and Senate. Sign up now to help us send a Democratic majority to the State Legislature.


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