March 28, 2017

Job Opportunities

ADLCC is seeking resumes for qualified candidates interested in serving as the Communications Director, Campaign Managers, District Field Organizers, and District Finance Assistants on a statewide legislative caucus campaign. ADLCC is a joint legislative caucus campaign, focusing on races in both the Arizona State House and Senate. This is a campaign position running through November 15th, 2020. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and a list of references to Charlie Fisher at

Individuals interested must be willing to work flexible campaign-like hours, have a good sense of humor, and be dedicated to working for legislative candidates.

ADLCC Communications Director:

Position/Role: ADLCC’s Communications Director creates and implements a strategic communications plan that supports targeted candidates and drives public dissent to targeted opponents.  The Director tracks Legislative Session votes, comments, and bills to be used during the election cycle. 

This position will work closely with the Digital Director to support earned media with paid media in targeted districts, and the Field Director to stay up to date on the goals of the campaign.  The Communications Director provides training and coaching to candidates and their campaign teams and is expected to regularly engage with volunteers and leaders in legislative districts, directly with candidates, and manage relationships with vendors and candidates. 

To ensure the department can meet its objectives, the Director will oversee the ADLCC internship program.  This position reports directly to the Executive Director of the ADLCC. 

Salary: $65,000, plus benefits 

Essential Job Functions: 


  • Build and implement a strategic communications plan
  • Send out timely Press Releases that align with legislative democratic caucus message
  • Stay abreast of the Political issues in the state
  • Build relationships with the press 
  • Speak on the record and off the record with the press 

Legislative Session

  • Work primarily at the legislature during the legislative session. 
  • Track Opponents comments and votes 
  • Build strategic relations with partner organizations and grassroots groups through weekly meetings with the C4 table. 
  • Use press releases to hold Republicans responsible for votes, comments to the public, etc.
  • Create a weekly talking points email for LD and County leadership, candidates and staff, and partner organizations. 
  • Work with the Digital Director to supplement earned media with paid media.

Candidate Services

  • Work with the Digital Director to support the communications needs of candidates via editing of press releases, guidance on social media best practices, review and edit of mail pieces, websites, and questionnaires. 
  • Advise on and manage the vendor/candidate relationship for the paid communication program 
  • Coach candidates on messaging
  • Prepare candidates before interviews and debates


  • Recruit fellows to support the needs of the communications department 
  • Manage the Internship Program
  • Train fellows on political communication


  • Strong candidate and vendor management experience
  • Working knowledge of the media in Arizona
  • Ability to manage several campaigns and candidates at once
  • Experience in and understanding of grassroots organizing in Arizona and groups currently conducting that work.
  • Rapid response communication and creative writing skills
  • Coaching and training candidates on messaging
  • Prepping candidates before interviews and debates
  • Experience writing in the voice of others
  • Previous on the record and off the record experience 

Preferred Experience but Not Required: 

  • Knowledge of the legislative process and current elected officials
  • Experience working with C4 tables and managing those relationships
  • Speak and write in Spanish

Expected Outcomes: The communications director will be essential to professionalizing the campaigns of legislative candidates, supporting the communications needs of candidates, and growing the ADLCC communications capacity.

  • ADLCC Communications Director is the go-to resource for local media when reporting on legislative campaigns and issues.
  • ADLCC Communications Director attends the legislative session, tracks relevant bills and committee hearings, and works with Digital Director to run accountability ads and press releases.
  • ADLCC Communications Director works with legislative candidates to develop communications plans and messaging strategy and tracks candidate messaging to ensure they’re executing the plans.
  • ADLCC Communications Director runs an annual fellowship program to educate and engage young people in the legislative space.

Work Environment:

This position typically operates in various settings where the climate may vary and noise can be moderate to heavy. Position requires the routine use of standard office equipment such as phones, computers, printers, scanners, and photocopiers. 

Physical Demands:

The physical demands described are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

While performing the required duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear. The employee frequently is required to sit, stand, walk, kneel, bend, use hands to type; handle or feel; and reach with hands and arms.  The position is subject to lifting objects over 50 pounds frequently. 

To Apply: Please send your resume and cover letter to Executive Director Charlie Fisher at and Murphy Bannerman at with “ADLCC Communications Director” in the subject line. No calls, please.

Campaign Managers:

Campaign Managers will implement strategy outlined in the campaign and fundraising plans. The manager will balance multiple priorities – supervising the candidate(s) to ensure they are using his/her time wisely to succeed in getting votes and raising campaign funds, while managing staff and volunteer activities. 

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Campaign Plan: Draft and implement a winning campaign plan that outlines campaign efforts through Election Day, including fundraising, canvassing, phoning, volunteer recruitment, district outreach and local media relations. 
  • Fundraising Plan: Draft and implement fundraising plan for a campaign budget including digital fundraising, candidate phone calls, political action committee donations, and events. Staff the candidate during fundraising calls and events.
    • Conduct donor research and prepare appropriate information, track results, and follow up.
    • In coordination with the ADLCC Finance Director, implement outreach with the candidate to effectively interact with lobbyists to secure financial support from organizations and committees. 
  • Candidate Management: Schedule and manage canvassing, fundraising and lobby calls, and endorsement interviews. Keep the candidate on schedule and on task, and ensure they are prepared and informed. 
  • Field Planning and Executing: In coordination with the ADLCC Field Director, draft and implement a field plan including candidate, volunteer, and campaign staff canvassing, community outreach, phone banking, and volunteer recruitment.  
  • Volunteer Recruitment and Management: Using the candidate’s personal contacts, county parties, local connections and prospecting, recruit, train and manage campaign volunteers.  

Secondary Responsibilities: 

  • Office Management: Secure and manage donated, shared or low-cost office space. Answer phones and screen campaign and candidate email. Ensure space is welcoming, professional, and productive. 
  • Contribution and Expenditure Tracking: Work with the campaign Treasurer and Finance Assistant to establish and maintain accurate banking records, contribution and expenditure reports, and assist the Treasurer finance reporting.
  • Website Maintenance: Maintain campaign website to serve as a valuable and up-to-date communication tool.
  • Other Duties as Assigned.


  • High Attention to detail;
  • Commitment to winning a Democratic majority in the State Senate and State House;
  • Excellent written, and communication skills;
  • Ability to work in groups;
  • Ability to manage time and problem solve while thinking on your feet;
  • A team player with experience on political campaigns.

Please email Savannah Drake at  your resume, and references as one attachment with “Campaign Manager” in the subject line. In lieu of a formal cover letter please include in the body of your email one to two paragraphs on why you are applying for this position and how your skills meet the description above. 

District Field Organizers:

Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Implementing a comprehensive volunteer based field program
  • Recruiting, training, and maintaining volunteers for up to three legislative candidates
  • Cutting field turf for volunteers and maintaining good data entry practices
  • Maintaining relationships and working closely with legislative candidates, their campaign teams, County Party and Democratic Club leaders and supporters, and outside groups
  • Reaching goals as assigned by the Field Director and District Manager(s)
  • Any other campaign related tasks, as needed.


  • Must be organized, highly motivated, a self-starter, and capable of working in a demanding work environment that frequently requires long hours during peak campaign periods
  • Demonstrated ability to be on time and responsible for your programmatic goals
  • Experience with or willingness to learn about campaign tools such as the VAN/VoteBuilder
  • Extensive experience with Excel
  • Good communicator who is polite and respectful at all times
  • Be willing to relocate to AZ

Salary and Benefits:

This position is classified as non-exempt, hourly wage is $15.36 and overtime wage is $23.04. Unless approved beforehand, hours are capped at 55 per week. Pay is $49,920 when annualized and health, dental and vision insurance are offered at no cost to the staff member. To apply, please submit your resume and references to Charlie Fisher at

District Finance Assistants:


  • Manage and execute strategic finance plan which includes events and candidate call time
  • Manage candidate call time and other activities to hit goals and deadlines
  • Execute and manage donor research and expand to new donor networks
  • Communicate with staff members, elected officials, campaign staff, vendors and various consultants
  • Manage follow up on all correspondence and pledges
  • Manage donor database
  • Help manage large donor conversations


  • Must have strong written and communication skills
  • Willingness to learn the basics of state campaign finance law
  • Donor prospecting and research experience preferred
  • Prior experience with targeting contributors and follow up management
  • Excellent attention to detail and highly organized
  • Time management skills are a must
  • Must be flexible with good sense of humor 

Salary and Benefits:

This position is classified as non-exempt, hourly wage is $15.36 and overtime wage is $23.04. Unless approved beforehand, hours are capped at 55 per week. Pay is $49,920 when annualized and health, dental and vision insurance are offered at no cost to the staff member. To apply, please submit your resume and references to Charlie Fisher at


The ADLCC is a project of the Arizona Democratic Party, (ADP). The ADP is committed to diversity among its staff and recognizes that its continued success requires the highest commitment to obtaining and retaining a diverse staff.  ADP is an equal opportunity employer, and it is ADP’s policy to recruit, hire, train, promote and administer any and all personnel actions without regard to sex, race, age, color, creed, pregnancy, national origin, religion, sexual orientation/identity/expression, ethnic identity or physical disability, marital or military service status including membership in the National Guard, or any other legally protected status. Protected status may also include an individual’s marriage to or association with someone with any status listed above.