March 28, 2017

Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities

ADLCC will be making additional hires for Field Director, Finance Assistant, and Campaign Managers throughout the cycle. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and a list of references to

Internship Opportunities

Mission and Goal:

The mission of the Democratic Internship Program is to equip young leaders with the foundational knowledge and experience necessary for building and operating competitive legislative, county, and other local campaigns in the unique political landscape of Arizona. The primary goal of the ADLCC Internship Program is to develop a trained class of political professionals in Arizona that will provide supplemental candidate support to Democrats running in races throughout the state.


ADLCC Finance Internship: Learn the basic skills of running a fundraising operation by assisting with raising money for the ADLCC and local legislative campaigns.

ADLCC Research Internship: Learn about the legislative process, track legislation, and analyze bills by working directly with the Communications Director as part of the campaign research team.

How to Apply:

For the ADLCC Research Internship, send your resume, three references, and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position to Murphy Bannerman at with the subject line “ADLCC Research Internship Program Applicant – [YOUR LAST NAME].”

For the ADLCC Finance internship, send your resume, three references, and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position to Savannah Drake at with the subject line “ADLCC Finance Internship Program Applicant – [YOUR LAST NAME].”

For questions or more information, please contact Savannah at

The ADLCC is a project of the Arizona Democratic Party, (ADP). The ADP is committed to diversity among its staff and recognizes that its continued success requires the highest commitment to obtaining and retaining a diverse staff.  ADP is an equal opportunity employer, and it is ADP’s policy to recruit, hire, train, promote and administer any and all personnel actions without regard to sex, race, age, color, creed, pregnancy, national origin, religion, sexual orientation/identity/expression, ethnic identity or physical disability, marital or military service status including membership in the National Guard, or any other legally protected status. Protected status may also include an individual’s marriage to or association with someone with any status listed above.