FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: “Speaker of the House J.D Mesnard Defends Corrupt Charter School System, Won’t Protect Tax Payer Dollars”

PHOENIX, AZ – While charter school system corruption may be news to the public, it is clear our elected officials have known about the issue for quite some time. In March, Speaker of the House J.D. Mesnard spoke with 12 News reporter Joe Dana, and defended those profiting off of hard-working Arizonans tax-dollars, “charter school[…]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Arizona Capitol Times and AZCentral dismisses Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s so-called ‘School Reform Plan'”

“At least three of Brophy McGee’s five proposals to “provide more accountability and transparency” mirror bills that the ADLCC highlighted for failing to get a hearing in [State Senate] educ. [commitee]” PHOENIX, AZ – Recently, the Arizona Capitol Times and the Arizona Republic took Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee to task over her so-called “School Reform Plan.”[…]

For Immediate Release: “Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee Turns a Blind Eye on Charter School Corruption”

AZCentral: “…lawmakers protect and even encourage a lack of transparency and accountability within the charter school system.” Phoenix – Last Week, during the LD 28 Clean Elections Debate Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee claimed to be an Education Champion and boasted about her endorsements. However, McGee is forgetting the numerous times she refused to hear legislation to[…]

Where’s Schmuck?

Ahwatukee Foothills News: “Not all LD18 candidates will debate on Friday” Phoenix –  On Friday, Sep. 7th, The Clean Elections Commission held their general election debate for constituents in LD 18. All candidates from both parties were in attendance, except one – State Senate Candidate Frank Schmuck. As of Wednesday, Sep. 5th Frank Schmuck had[…]

RELEASE: “The ADLCC Denounces the Supreme Court’s Partisan Ruling on the Travel Ban”

PHOENIX –  The ADLCC issues the following statement regarding the Supreme Court of the United States decision on the Trump Administration’s Travel “Muslim” Ban. “The Trump Administration has set a dangerous anti-immigrant tone that has worked its way down to every level of government. The ruling yesterday by the Supreme Court of the United States[…]