About Us

The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee serves Arizonans by working to elect Democrats to the AZ State Legislature, and by fighting for a Democratic majority.

The ADLCC recruits and trains candidates, supports party infrastructure, and builds diverse coalitions of Democratic champions. We have seen change through multiple cycles.

Who we are

The ADLCC is the only organization whose sole purpose is to elect Democrats to the AZ State House and Senate. We started in 2015 with a vision for electing and defending a Democratic majority in the legislature. Since then, we have fought for AZ Dems through work in all 30 of Arizona’s legislative districts. We currently have 14 elected officials in the State Senate, and 29 elected officials in the State House. Our funding and support comes from individual donors, labor, national partners and community partners.

We know Arizona won’t be a blue state until Arizonans are represented at the local level by legislators and leaders who share our values of strong, truthful leadership, compassion, and economic progress for everyone.

What we’ve accomplished

In 2010, 19 out of 60 members were Democrats in the State House, and 7 out of 30 members in the State Senate were Democrats. We were a super minority without a voice. Today, we are one seat away in each chamber from tying the legislature. We are the closest to delivering a majority for AZ Dems since 1966. This incredible progress across Arizona is a testament to the dedication of our candidates, local volunteers, and generous donations in support of our mission.

  • Arizona was the ONLY battleground state in 2020 to gain a seat in a chamber.
  • Voter turnout was at a historic high.
  • Arizonans are ready for change.

What’s next

Arizona deserves leaders who will champion small businesses, working families, and put more money back in Arizonans’ pockets instead of giving tax handouts to corporations. We need elected officials in the legislature who will work for all of our communities.

The ADLCC will advocate for Democratic candidates and incumbents in hopes of flipping the legislature THIS cycle. Years of speaking with Arizonans all over the state have put the ADLCC in the strongest position to support our candidates. It is time for Arizonans to take back the Democratic majority.

Our Board Members

Senator Rebecca Rios, LD 27

Board Chair
Senate Minority Leader

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Jen Longdon

Representative Jen Longdon, LD 24

Board Member
Assistant Minority Leader

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Representative Andrés Cano, LD 3

Board Member

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Senator Lela Alston, LD 24

Board Member

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Dr. Eric Meyer

Former House Minority Leader, LD 28
Board Member