Governor Doug Ducey Proposes a Flat Tax with $1.5 Billion in Permanent Tax Cuts to the Wealthiest Arizonans while Undoing Prop 208

PHOENIX –– The following statement can be attributed to Liz Luna, Executive Director of the ADLCC.

“A year after a global pandemic, as President Biden and congressional Democrats have fought to help working families and small businesses get back on their feet, Governor Ducey proposed a flat tax with $1.5 billion in permanent tax cuts to the wealthiest Arizonans, effectively undoing voter approved Prop 208. The flat tax also decimates rural and small-town budgets, cutting 25-percent of their revenue that can be used to deliver critical services to help Arizonans get back on their feet.

“A budget reveals a leader’s principles, and Governor Doug Ducey’s plan is morally bankrupt. 

  • Governor Ducey could invest in our students, teachers, and school facilities by giving them the money we need to improve our rank of 48th in per-pupil spending for elementary and secondary public education, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  • Governor Ducey could expand KidsCare, health care for the over 160,000 Arizona children that do not have health care insurance, via Center for Children and Families.
  • Governor Ducey could choose to restore funding for ASU, UA, and NAU after ten years of the deepest budget cuts to higher education in the country over the last decade. (

“Instead of fighting for working Arizonans and small businesses, Governor Doug Ducey is giving the wealthiest Arizonans a hand out that will hurt our state’s rural cities and towns, draining dollars from our already underfunded education system.”