Republicans Push to Pass SB1485, Voter Suppression Bill that Impacts Thousands of Arizona Voters

PHOENIX — The following statement can be attributed to Liz Luna, Deputy Executive Director of the ADLCC:

“Just like we have seen in Georgia, Republican legislators in Arizona have been pushing one of the most anti-voter agendas our state has ever seen. Despite voting rights organizations and business leaders speaking out against these extreme, far-right policies, Arizona Republicans are working to pass SB1485. This bill seeks to purge more than 100,000 voters from the Permanent Early Voter List (PEVL), Arizona’s popular vote by mail program.

Instead of listening to legitimate concerns from their Democratic colleagues, Republicans shut down debate, refusing to acknowledge the lengths to which this bill disproportionately impacts Arizona voters of color. The legislation will now go back to the Senate for a final round of votes. We urge the Senate to stop this bill and protect PEVL.

“More than 80 percent of Arizona voters use our vote by mail system to participate in our democracy every year and Governor Ducey has said that Arizona’s current election laws make it ‘easy to vote and hard to cheat.’ We urge Governor Ducey to reject this partisan attempt to create barriers to voting by vetoing SB1485 if it comes to his desk.”