Failed Leadership of GOP Legislature Leaves 30,000 Underserved Children in Arizona Behind

PHOENIX — Arizona Democrats will always advocate for Arizona’s children across the state and access to health care is inextricable to a healthy future. It’s clear that Republicans in Arizona do not share the same goal.

Today, amendments for SB1096 introduced by State Representative Kelli Butler (D-28) to provide affordable, quality healthcare for about 30,000 Arizona children during the coronavirus pandemic fell short of two votes along partisan lines.

Republicans continue to leave low-income children behind and blocking access to health care coverage is only the latest example of the majority’s refusal to fight for Arizona’s children. Since the beginning of the legislative session, Republicans have attacked health care initiatives, refusing to give Arizonans the support they need during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“For nearly a decade, Arizona children have been severely underserved – going to class in crumbling facilities, without full-time teachers and using decades-old textbooks as well as not having access to adequate health insurance. When will Republicans stop playing political games and put the underserved children of Arizona first? In the middle of a pandemic, we should not be blocking anyone from accessing health care. Blocking this coverage means cutting off coverage for thousands of kids and families.” – Liz Luna, Deputy Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee