Legislative Republicans Run The Most Extreme, Right-Wing Agenda In Decades, Blocking Opportunities for Arizonan Families

PHOENIX – Legislative Republicans are pushing the most extreme, right-wing agenda that Arizonans have seen in decades.

In just over a month of the session, we’ve seen:

“Arizona’s Republicans are continuing the destructive work of Donald Trump, dismantling access to reproductive healthcare, blocking voter access, attacking the LGBTQ community, and defunding our public schools. 

“The agenda we’ve seen Republicans push this year is far to the right of Arizona’s independent values, and is both insulting to voters and destructive to the rights and livelihoods of Arizonans.

“While thousands of Arizonans are out of work and small businesses are struggling, we’re watching anti-democracy Republicans make our state a national punchline. Republicans should be ashamed. Arizonans deserve better from their elected officials,” says Liz Luna, Deputy Executive Director of the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee  



Voting Rights & Restriction Legislation

Voucher Expansion

  • Restrictions on abortion access

Restrictions on the Corporation Commission

Limiting sex education and HIV/AIDS education in classrooms

Eliminating trans and non-binary folks from state documents

Preserving in law access to the harmful practice of conversion therapy