National Journal Names the Arizona House and Senate as Two Top Chambers Likely to Flip for Democrats

PHOENIX, AZ – The National Journal named the Arizona House and Senate as two of the top chambers likely to flip for Democrats this election as Republicans remain on defense ahead of redistricting. With only 8 days left, Democrats have a solid path to victory in both chambers of the legislature, which has been controlled by Republicans since 1966.

Democrats need to flip just two seats in the House and three seats in the Senate to win control of the legislature. Through candidate fundraising, grassroots energy and voter turnout, Democrats are poised to win. Meanwhile, Republicans are on the defense because of their failed response to the coronavirus pandemic, inability to denounce efforts that right-wing lies, Qanon conspiracy theories and misinformation to influence competitive elections.

“Arizona is a top battleground state, and Democrats have the energy and resources to flip the legislature blue for the first time in over half a century. Our momentum is being recognized nationally because it’s clear that Arizonans are ready for new leadership. While Republicans work to roll back basic human rights, our candidates are fighting for affordable health care, strong schools, and pandemic relief for everyday folks,” said Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Charlie Fisher. “We’re not in this to score political points. We’re in it to move us closer to the Arizona we all deserve.”