Republican Candidates Push Racist Right-Wing QAnon Conspiracy Theory Over Labor Day Weekend

GOP Embraces QAnon Conspiracy Theory

PHOENIX — Republicans candidates have begun pushing QAnon, a right-wing internet conspiracy theory consisting of false information about Covid-19, Black Lives Matter and the 2020 election in competitive districts in the state.

The QAnon conspiracy theory claims that Donald Trump is fighting against Satan-worshiping pedophiles who are plotting against him, which is very dangerous to our democracy and should be immediately denounced by Republican lawmakers.

In Arizona, LD18 Senate candidate Suzanne Sharer, who goes by @blondeandsmart on Twitter, has consistently engaged with QAnon conspiracy theories by posting to Facebook and Twitter targeting Democrats. Sen. Rep Liz Harris and Sen. Vince Leach has also engaged in pushing QAnon conspiracy theories on social media.

In July, Twitter permanently suspended thousands of accounts associated with the fringe conspiracy theory movement and in 2019, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) identified the conspiracy theories as a “domestic terrorist threat.”

“Adherents to dangerous right-wing conspiracy theories like QAnon have absolutely no place in our politics or our government. The ADLCC is working hard every day to ensure that Arizonans are receiving credible, data-driven information on the most key issues affecting our state. This is why electing Democratic Majorities to the legislature is important.” said Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Charlie Fisher.