AZ Senate President Karen Fann Vacationed While Arizonans Suffered

Fann traveled to Georgia to golf and lay at the beach with lobbyists while Arizonans were left to deal with COVID-19

PHOENIX — While our state continues to try to manage the COVID crisis that has infected over 200,000 Arizonans, Senate President Karen Fann went on vacation at an extravagant retreat with lobbyists and other GOP legislators in Georgia, a coronavirus hotspot. According to AZ Central, cases increased by 198, or 0.1%, on Sunday and 205,766 cases have been identified since the outbreak began.

Instead of working to help Arizonans hardest hit by the pandemic, Fann was out of state hanging out at the beach with lobbyists while hundreds of families were struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads.

“While millions of Arizona families and small businesses are struggling to get back on their feet, Senate President Fann flouted public safety regulations to brunch on the beach at a fancy resort and mingle with lobbyists. Now that she’s finally back, has she been quarantining to ensure the safety of her fellow Arizonans? Our communities need to know.” said Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee Executive Director Charlie Fisher.

“After a summer plagued by worsening coronavirus cases across the state, Fann risks undoing our progress in flattening the curve by traveling to a COVID-19 hotspot. Hope the brunch was worth it.”

When Arizona rushed to reopen, it led to massive spikes in cases and deaths this summer. Fann’s irresponsible decision to travel out of state to go clay-shooting and brunch on the beach with special interests clearly shows where her priorities are. Democrats are going to make sure Arizonans know how Fann decided to spend her time.