The following statement can be attributed to Charlie Fisher, Executive Director of the ADLCC:

At the ADLCC, the legislative arm of the Arizona Democratic Party, we are excited to announce that we are investing additional resources and services into the LD11 race.

In Legislative District 11, we have a real chance to flip the district, and the state legislature for the first time since 1966. Right now, we need two House pick-ups and three Senate pick-ups to control both chambers and we are up for the challenge.

LD11 Senate candidate JoAnna Mendoza, a 20 year military veteran, and House candidate Dr. Felipe Perez, a family physician, are perfectly positioned to earn the support of voters who care about the critical issues affecting their district and our state. Things like investing in education, building an economy that works for all of us and not a select few, increasing access to quality, affordable healthcare and a science-based recovery from COVID-19.

This is the most important election of our lifetimes and we are making a real difference – that is our primary focus.

Many of the challenges that our state faces, especially during the coronavirus pandemic, are because of failed leadership at the legislature, which has been too focused on ideological battles and scoring political points instead of helping Arizona families and communities. We deserve better and we have an historic opportunity to deliver.

We alongside our LD11 candidates are honored to be in this fight and remain committed to work hard every day until election day to deliver big wins on November 3rd.