RELEASE: GOP’s Premature Reopening Is Costing Arizonan Lives

Coronavirus numbers are spiking across the state

PHOENIX — Coronavirus cases and hospitalizations in Arizona are at an all-time high thanks to GOP legislators’ push to end social distancing measures before medical experts said it was safe to do so. State Republicans ignored the majority of Arizonans who thought it was too early to end public health precautions, prematurely rolled back emergency protections, and then only suggested guidelines for a safe reopening. 

“The GOP’s refusal to listen to medical advice and rely on evidence-based practices made the spread of coronavirus worse and put Arizona families at risk,” said Arizona DLCC Communications Director Murphy Bannerman.

“Instead of listening to the advice of public health professionals, they ignored the best interests of their constituents and put profits over people. Republican legislators owe Arizonans an explanation, an apology, and change.”

While reopening businesses and other institutions, the Arizona GOP downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus and brushed off public safety advice. Their lack of action created confusion, allowed for carelessness, and caused record numbers of Arizonans to contract the virus. 

Instead of taking action to combat the pandemic, Republican legislators have worked to undermine vote by mail and oppose unemployment benefits for those who have lost their jobs during the global crisis.