RELEASE: Arizona GOP Attend Trump Rally As COVID-19 Cases Reach A New High

Republican legislators attend Trump rally despite unsafe conditions

PHOENIX — As coronavirus cases spike across the state of Arizona, Republican legislators ignored public safety measures to stroke Donald Trump’s ego. GOP state lawmakers supported Trump’s mid-pandemic attention tour, where attendees were not practicing social distancing or wearing masks.

Several GOP state legislators attended Trump’s rally in Phoenix, including Senate President Karen FannRep. Anthony Kern, who has openly dismissed coronavirus concerns since the pandemic first hit the state; Sen. Sylvia Allen; who has consistently railed against public health protections; Rep. Walt Blackman, who accused Democrats of spreading a “false narrative” about coronavirus; and Sen. Michelle Ugenti-Rita, who has led the effort against voting by mail during the pandemic.

“Arizona Republicans would rather curry favor with Donald Trump than protect their constituents during this global emergency,” said Arizona DLCC Communications Director Murphy Bannerman. “The GOP’s failed pandemic response has led to record high numbers of coronavirus cases, and now they’re encouraging the spread by attending this unsafe gathering. This rally and the failure of Arizona GOP leadership could cost their constituents their lives.”

Instead of condemning the president, Arizona Republicans endorsed his actions by showing up to his Phoenix rally. COVID-19 diagnoses are skyrocketing in Arizona because the state GOP ignored the majority of Arizonans who thought it was too early to end public health precautions, prematurely rolled back emergency protections before medical experts said it was safe to do so, and then only suggested guidelines for a safe reopening without enforcing prevention methods.