RELEASE: National Unemployment Rates Soar, Rep. Kern says, “I think [Trump] is doing a fantastic job.”

Phoenix — Nearly 92% of Arizona rent relief hasn’t gone to renters, small businesses are still waiting for relief, college students have not received support from the CARES ACT, about 500,000 Arizonans filed for unemployment in the last eight weeks. Yet Rep. Kern stated yesterday during the House Rules Committee Meeting “I think [Trump] is doing a fantastic job.”

Trump and state Republicans’ have made one misstep after another since the start of this crisis. Inaction by state Republicans has slashed job growth, state revenue growth, and marginal growth in education funding since the Great Recession.

“Republicans at every level have let down Arizonans and their refusal to address the ongoing crisis instead of entertaining pet projects at the legislative level only worsens the effects of the pandemic,” said Murphy Bannerman, Arizona DLCC Communications Director.Arizonans are suffering and unsure of how they will weather the ongoing economic effects of COVID-19, the legislature must address the crisis head-on and stop pretending it’s business as usual.”