TODAY: In a partisan move, Rep. Blackman uses Facebook to bash Health Care Workers amid COVID-19 crisis

Phoenix – Flagstaff State Rep. Walt Blackman went “Live” on his Facebook page to bash the health care workers of Planned Parenthood, who continue to conduct vital health care services such as cervical cancer screenings and family planning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Rep. Blackman advocated for these health care workers to put their lives at risk by forgoing the use of PPE for themselves and donating it to hospitals. 

Murphy Bannerman, Arizona DLCC Communications Director released the following statement: 

“Rather than advocating for the health and safety of all health care workers, Blackman instead is encouraging some health care workers to disregard the use of PPE and safety measures urged by the CDC during a global pandemic. 

Legislative District 6 currently has one hospital, located in Flagstaff, forcing northern Arizonans to drive hundreds of miles to seek medical help. Blackman could have urged for the expansion of health care access for northern Arizona during his two years in the legislature, yet he’d rather play a vitriolic, partisan political game during a time of crisis.

We have seen leaders throughout our state step-up by urging for a full stay-at-home order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, advocating for paid family sick leave, prevention of business price gouging, and for the federal government to provide functional COVID test kits and PPE to Arizona health care workers.

It is shameful that an elected member of the legislature would use a time of fear and confusion as an opportunity to rile up his base. This is a time for us to come together as a community and support each other, not sow division.”