Sen. Sylvia Allen Bashes Unemployment Recipients While Collecting A Tax-Payer Funded Paycheck

AZRepublic: “Party on, unemployed Arizonans. Sen. Sylvia Allen says you’re being paid too much” 

PHOENIX — State Sen. Sylvia Allen (R) bashed Arizonans unemployed due to COVID-19 Thursday morning on a local conservative radio station, KFYI.  

 Allen stated, “If you’re a person that has a minimum-wage job or just above that, this unemployment, it’s going to be very hard for you to want to give that up come July 20 is when the so-called $600 a week is supposed to fall away.”

Allen first voiced concern over Arizonans receiving too much in unemployment benefits on Wednesday on her Facebook page, asking: “Do you really think everyone getting minimum wage will want to go back to work?”

“While Sen. Allen continues to collect a paycheck, per diem, and receive health care coverage from Arizona tax dollars, she thinks the 400,000 individuals who have filed for unemployment are living large and enjoying the sleepless nights worrying how they will feed their families and pay their rent or mortgage, among other bills during this crisis,” said Murphy Bannerman, Arizona DLCC Communications Director.

Bannerman added, “The current boost to unemployment from the federal government is temporary, and will end July 20th. What is Allen’s plan to help those who do not have a job to come back to?” 

Below is a list of leadership roles Sen. Allen could take on during her time in the district – collecting a taxpayer-funded paycheck, per diem, and health care coverage – that would be more productive than targeting unemployed Arizonans during this public health crisis: 

  • Work with leadership to conduct the legislative session virtually to further address the COVID-19 crisis. Cities and towns have had to be innovative during this time, and the legislature should do so as well. 
  • Urge the Governor to use the $50M allocated by the legislature to aid small businesses and constituents in need during the COVID-19 crisis. 
  • Work directly with cities and towns to aid them during this crisis. Arizona’s mayors have led the way during the COVID-19 pandemic, but where is the legislature?  
  • Support homeless communities who are unable to quarantine themselves, have little to no medical access, and are exposed to COVID-19 daily.  
  • Provide aid to small businesses with fewer than 150 employees that are facing mass layoffs. Many have received no help from the federal government – what is Allen’s or the majority party’s plan to address this issue?

Currently, Allen and her fellow Republicans are recklessly encouraging the reopening of the economy when many Arizonans have yet to be tested for COVID-19. The road to recovery will be long and ongoing. What is Allen or the majority party’s plan? As of now, it’s blaming Arizonans. 

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AZFamily: “Peoria woman says she’s waited weeks for unemployment”

Brittni Thomason

April 21, 2020

 “She said everything went smoothly until she sent paperwork to DES, showing she’d get sick and vacation pay. I faxed it in, and then stone cold silent,” Hieronymus said.

 “My daughter is a stylist, and she can’t,” said Hieronymus. “She’s supposed to be able to get it because they forced them to close, and she can’t get it.”

She says they have bills to pay and can’t wait forever.