Arizona DLCC Calls On Legislative Republicans To Denounce Threats Of Violence Against Democrats

PHOENIX – The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee urges legislative Republicans to denounce the threat of violence made on Monday, April 20th at The Patriot’s Day Rally” at the state capitol.

Reported by the Arizona Republic, an attendee at the rally stated: “All I’m asking you is to vote them out,” he said, referring to Democratic politicians. “I don’t want to have to shoot them again.”

Following this threat at the rally Rep. Kelly Townsend and Sen. David Farnworth did not immediately repudiate the threat of assassination against their Democratic colleagues. Townsend only made this statement to the Arizona Republic when prompted by the reporter:

“She said she also didn’t feel it proper to publicly disassociate herself from the remarks when she had the microphone again after he spoke.”  Townsend continued, “Everybody has the right to say their peace,” she said. “We have the right to not agree with them.”

The Arizona DLCC released the following statement: “Arizona has already seen acts of violence against our elected officials. Threats made to directly harm members of office should never be tolerated and must be taken with the utmost gravity. The silence of legislative Republicans is chilling and should not be seen as a simple matter of disagreement between political ideologies.”

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