A Photo-Op won’t cover up McGee’s bad vote

PHOENIX – In an attempt to cover up her voting record this legislative session against firefighters, Sen. Kate Brophy McGee arranges a photo opportunity with campaign volunteers and unwitting firefighters, taking them away from emergency calls.

McGee had an opportunity to stand with firefighters, yet this session she was the nail in the coffin for an amendment that would have granted them greater protections. 

“McGee has opted to pose in photo-ops with firefighters but won’t stand up for them when they need her – in the legislature. Democrats stand firmly behind the firefighters and all first responders who put their lives on the line for Arizonans every day,” said Charlie Fisher Arizona DLCC Executive Director. 

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Senate Floor Session
Date: 03/19/2020 
By: Arizona Capitol Television (ACTV)
SB1688 — health; budget reconciliation; 2020-2021.

  • The Vote begins at min 9:20 
  • Carter explains the firefighter amendment at min 10:30