SB1070 2.0 Bills thwarted by Arizonans

Phoenix – The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee issued the following statement upon the announcement that HCR2036 and SCR1007 have been halted in the state legislature. If passed, both bills would have placed a referral on the November ballot asking voters to enshrine into the state constitution the prohibition of “sanctuary jurisdictions.” A redundant effort due to the remaining elements of SB1070. 

“These bills were a poorly conceived election-ploy by Republicans that directly targeted the Latinx community. The overwhelming opposition from Arizonans and community groups shows the true nature of Arizonans. Discrimination is not the Arizona Way. ” said Murphy Bannerman Arizona DLCC spokeswomen. 

Further, the Arizona DLCC will continue to monitor the progression of HB2598, which would require law enforcement to comply with immigration detainers by the federal government – a potential violation of the fourth amendment; HB2304 which could potentially prohibit new citizens from voting if their status has not been updated with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services and limits the use of translators in the voting booth; and HB2268 which would allow anyone to submit an election complaint directly to the Attorney General and permit the AG’s office to enter any polling location to investigate, setting up disruptions and possible intimidation.



  • HB 2598: sanctuary jurisdiction; liability; civil action
  • HB 2304: federal only ballots; paper; tabulation
  • HB 2268: election complaints; attorney general