2020 Arizona GOP Agenda: Suppress and Attack Communities of Color

Phoenix – The stakes in the 2020 general election are incredibly high with a razor-thin split in the legislature and Arizona’s status as a battleground state for the presidential election and US Senate race – Arizona Republicans see the writing on the wall and are desperate to keep their majority.

This year’s attacks on voting rights and sanctuary cities at the legislature are part of a coordinated attack with the White House to target communities of color in Arizona. The policies passed by Arizona Republicans have already been deemed by the Federal Appeals court to be discriminatory to Latino, African American, and Native American communities. 

What we’re witnessing is a blatant power grab as the Arizona GOP attempts to silence voters and strip away the rights of Arizonans. Republicans know that their failed record on education, health care, the environment, and housing is unpopular with voters, and they’re now turning to a strategy of discrimination, fearmongering, and hate in a desperate attempt to hold onto power.

“Heading into a historic election, Arizona Republicans are moving to add unnecessary barriers to voting, weaken the Voting Rights Act, and find ways to prevent individuals, particularly communities of color, from participating in our democracy,” said Murphy Bannerman Arizona DLCC spokeswomen.



Bills Silencing the Voice of Voters :

HB 2304voter registration; verification; assistance; report
HCR 2032initiatives; single subject; title
HCR 2039initiative; referendum; signatures; legislative
HCR 2046initiatives; referendums; reauthorization
HB 2343early voting; identification required
SB1032early voting; signature required; notice
SCR 1018independent redistricting commission; population standards
SCR 1020initiatives; public safety; health; amendments
SB 1020ballot measures; proposition 105; disclosure
HB 2268election complaints; attorney general
HB 2043voter ID; school ID cards
HB 2137polling places; law enforcement officers
SB 1092early ballot delivery; identification; attestation
HB 2124 (formerly HB 2461)voter registration; temporary residency

SB1070+ Bills:

  • HB 2598 would require police departments and other state and municipal agencies to comply with federal agents or face criminal charges.
  • HCR 2036 Ballot initiative to mandate compliance with federal agents.
  • HB 2095 Requires municipalities and counties to remove local control (and comply with DHS agents).
  • SCR 1007 Ballot Initiative Compelling cities to comply with federal agents.