“The ADLCC Is Ready To #FlipEverthing In 2020”

CronkiteNews: “Arizona one of seven state legislatures Democrats target for takeover”

Phoenix — The DLCC has announced its #FlipEverything campaign for the 2020 election cycle, with over $100,000 in early funding for the Arizona DLCC

Currently, Republicans hold a slim majority with a 31-29 split in the state House and 17-13 split in the state Senate. The ADLCC is ready to build upon its four-seat Democratic gain in the House in 2018, and send a Democratic majority to the Legislature this November. 

“The ADLCC is incredibly proud to be recognized by our national counterpart as a top target in the 2020 election. We are utilizing the early investment to continue our work of recruiting, training and supporting legislative candidates. In addition, we’re ramping up our accountability efforts during the legislative session and working hard to build infrastructure at the LD and County Party levels,” said Charlie Fisher, Arizona DLCC Executive Director


CronkiteNews: “Arizona one of seven state legislatures Democrats target for takeover” 
DATE: Jan. 16, 2020
BY: Jessica Myers

“Mike Noble, chief of research of OH Predictive Insights, said the campaign committee’s goal of flipping the Arizona Legislature is not “unrealistic at all.”
“Republicans enjoy a 31-29 advantage in the Arizona House and a 17-13 advantage in the Senate, after losing a handful of seats to Democrats in 2018. Post hopes to continue those gains in 2020 and win Democratic majorities in each chamber.”
“There’s a pretty decent possibility that Democrats could take over the chamber if Republicans aren’t watchful,” Noble said.