“Republican House members attempt to weaken ethics rules to protect their members”

Phoenix — In a draft of proposed rules changes to the Arizona State House, received by The Arizona Republic, Republican members have proposed limiting who can file ethics complaints against representatives. After a number of ethics complaints against Republican House members, the majority is now attempting to keep the public in the dark.

The proposal would only allow House members to file ethics complaints. Currently, members of the public can file an ethics complaint against elected members. With this change in rules, such complaints against expelled Rep. Don Shooter (R), Resigned Rep. David Stringer (R), and Rep. Anthony Kern (R) would not have been possible. 

“It’s clear these changes in rules are an attempt by Republicans to protect unethical members of their caucus from the oversight and participation of the public. Republicans know they are losing control of the legislature and will do anything to save their seats,” said Murphy Bannerman, ADLCC Communications Director

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