RELEASE: “Arizona State Rep. Makes Additional Bigoted Remarks”

Arizona Mirror: “I will do all I can, as a legislator, to not accept a refugee population in the state of Arizona,” the third-term Republican from Scottsdale said. “Call me a bigot, whatever you want, I just think it’s best for the state of Arizona.” — Rep. Jay Lawrence

Phoenix – State Rep. Jay Lawrence once again made bigoted remarks at Jan. 16 political event in Arizona. Lawrence is recorded stating that “refugees take from us and generally make life worse in Arizona …. Call me a bigot, whatever you want…” reported The Arizona Mirror. 

This is not the first time Lawrence has made controversial comments at a public forum. Last year at a March for Our Lives Arizona, public forum Lawrence stated “Black and brown communities, black communities, in particular, have gangs. And the gangs have to be stopped.”

“Once again Lawrence has shown his ignorance to the needs of our communities, Arizona has long been home to many immigrant and refugee communities. These communities do not take from others, they add to our state and have contributed significantly to our economy. Refugees and immigrants are Arizonans,” said Murphy Bannerman, ADLCC Communications Director.