“Another report of GOP misconduct at the Arizona Legislature”

Phoenix – The Arizona Republic has reported that State Rep. David Cook had an inappropriate relationship with a lobbyist at Western Growers, an agricultural association. This brings up issues of conflicts of interest as Cook is a committee member of the Land and Agriculture Committee and the Natural Resources, Energy and Water Committee. Further, he has sponsored bills supported by the Western Growers.

This news breaks just 24 hrs. after The Republic reported that Republican leadership in the house wants to remove code of conduct rules and the publics’ ability to file ethics complaints against members. 

ADLCC Communications Director, Murphy Bannerman stated the draft rules changes released yesterday was “a blatant attempt by Republicans to cover up another case of misconduct by their members.” 

Bannerman further stated, “GOP leadership knew this information would come to light and tried to change the rules to cover up unethical behavior.”

This makes four members of the Arizona GOP who have come under fire in recent years for misconduct at the state legislature. 

Previous members:
Expelled Rep. Don Shooter (R)
Resigned Rep. David Stringer (R),  
Rep. Anthony Kern (R)

Previously Rep. David Cook was arrested for an extreme DUI in 2018.



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