2/1: A few things you may have missed this week…


Here’s your weekly legislative wrap for the week, focusing on a few things you may have missed.

Sylvia Allen Meltdown:
During the Senate government committee LD 6 State Sen. Allen, went on a tirade against Rep. Victoria Steele for mentioned the atrocities against migrants and indigenous people in the southwest during the time of Manifest Destiny.  Allen spoke before the committee to discuss her bill for Lees Ferry Bell, named after Lee who was tried and found guilty for the massacre of migrants. Steele opposed the bill, along with all Democrats in the committee for these reasons. Allen became enraged and proceeded to interject, yelling “No you don’t!” while Steele finished up her closing comments and explained that she empathized with Allen because her family has also experienced atrocities as Native American.
Border Wall Funding:
The eventful afternoon in the Senate government committee continued with the passage of SCM1001 urging Congress to fund the border wall. To no surprise, this bill was introduced and pass with Republican support. While Dems made strong arguments as to why this memorial is impractical, Republicans pushed forward.
Rules Changes:
On Monday, House Republican made a number of rules changes to intentionally silence the Democratic House caucus. These changes follow a competitive election where Democratic gained four seats in the house, putting the house at a 31-29 split between R’s and D’s.