RELEASE: “Senate Judiciary Committee Passes Bills to Suppress the Vote

PHOENIX, AZ – This morning the Arizona Senate Judiciary Committee passed two bills that will limit voter participation; SB 1046 and SB 1072. Both of these bills have already received widespread criticism for their blatant attempt to hinder voters by implementing confusing and unnecessary burdens.

This legislative session is shaping up to be a battle over voting rights in Arizona. Following an election that delivered the largest House Democratic Caucus since 1966, Arizona Republicans are now attempting to attack voters and citizen participation. In stark contrast, Democrats have introduced an agenda that seeks to push for more accessibility and voter participation.

Bill List:

Republican Bills: Democratic Bills:
SB 1032: on-site early voting; identification required HCR 2015:  conduct of elections; voters’ rights
SB 1046: early voting list; mailing ballot HB 2209: early ballot collection; limitations; repeal
SB 1072: early voting centers; identification required HB 2212: ballot measure circulators; challenges
SB 1090:  emergency voting procedures; board action HB 2215: automatic voter registration; licenses; IDs
HB 2130: voter registration; inactive voters; removal   HB 2216: voter registration same day
HB 2163: poll workers; party observers


“Unfortunately, bills like these are nothing new for Arizona Republicans. Instead of asking hard questions about the issues and values Arizonans share, they continue to work to pass laws that restrict voting and make it more difficult to cast a ballot. It’s clear Republicans are more interested in holding on to their seats than supporting a free and open democratic process.”Charlie Fisher, Arizona DLCC Executive Director