The ADLCC Announces Newly Elected Board Members


The ADLCC is proud to welcome Representative Diego Espinoza (LD 19), Senator-Elect Lela Alston (LD 24) and Representative-Elect Raquel Teran (LD 30) to the ADLCC board. This brings the ADLCC executive board to 9 members: 3 Senators, 3 Reps, 1 at-large seat, 1 former legislator and the Executive Director.

ADLCC Board Members.jpg

ADLCC Executive Director Charlie Fisher released the following statement following the board election:

“I am really proud of the foundation we’ve built over the past four years and am confident with our new board, we will be able to make even more gains in both chambers during the 2020 cycle.”

ADLCC Board Members:

Charlie Fisher – Executive Director

Representative Richard Andrade – Board Chair

Representative Randall Friese

Representative Diego Espinoza

Representative Raquel Teran – Member at Large

Senator Sean Bowie

Senator Lisa Otondo

Senator Lela Alston

Dr. Eric Meyer – Former Democratic House Leader