ADLCC – Post Election Memo


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PHOENIX, AZ –  The ADLCC released the following statement regarding the 2018 mid-term election:

“The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (ADLCC) is incredibly proud of all of our Democratic legislative candidates who worked for months to engage voters on the issues that truly matter to Arizonans.

All told, ADLCC helped to recruit and support eighty-three legislative candidates running in every district across the state. Of our five targeted districts where we invested the bulk of our resources, four candidates were victorious in their elections. These results bring the State House to twenty-nine Democrats and thirty-one Republicans, the largest House Democratic delegation in Arizona since 1966.

By investing early and putting staff on the ground in these districts, ADLCC was able to develop trust and build relationships with local community leaders and Democratic Party organizations. In addition, we were able to invest in the longer-term work of having substantive conversations with persuadable voters.

ADLCC, along with our candidates, invested substantial resources in paid communications including direct mail and digital, polling and research, and legal and compliance services. All told, we invested over $1.4M in paid communications and over $600K in staff. This level of investment absolutely made the difference for our candidates and the results are proof.

“100,000 text messages sent nearly 700,000 people canvassed throughout the entire campaign cycle, and 500,000 direct calls to voters. That is the type of grassroots work we believe in and ADLCC will continue to engage in all of the above across Arizona.” Charlie Fisher, ADLCC Executive Director

Legislative Candidates Elected to Office:

  • Representative-Elect Jennifer Jermaine, Legislative District 18
  • Representative-Elect Jennifer Pawlik, Legislative District 17
  • Representative-Elect Domingo DeGrazia, Legislative District 10
  • Representative-Elect Aaron Lieberman, Legislative District 28