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Ahwatukee Foothills News: “Not all LD18 candidates will debate on Friday”

Phoenix –  On Friday, Sep. 7th, The Clean Elections Commission held their general election debate for constituents in LD 18. All candidates from both parties were in attendance, except one – State Senate Candidate Frank Schmuck.

As of Wednesday, Sep. 5th Frank Schmuck had not responded to the Clean Elections Commission invitation to the LD 18 debate according to Ahwatukee Foothills News, leaving voters to guess if he would show up or not.

This is not the first time Schmuck has skipped out on voters. In 2016, when he ran for the State Senate seat against Sean Bowie, Schmuck did not attend a debate held by Valley Interfaith Project according to AZCentral. His absence was largely viewed as an attempt to avoid answering questions about his proposal to eliminate the state income tax.

“If Frank Schmuck won’t show LD18 voters enough respect to even appear at a public debate, how can they trust him to represent their interests at the state legislature?” said Charlie Fisher, ADLCC Executive Director

Fisher added, “Voters in LD 18 deserve to know where Schmuck stands on critical issues impacting our state.”

Schmuck is back at it again this year with his proposal to eliminate the state income tax and increase sales tax in its place. The #SchmuckTax would quickly chip away at the savings gained from eliminating the state income tax and seriously hinder our ability to collect revenue for essential services. Voters deserve to know how their paycheck will be affected by voting for Schmuck.


Media Coverage:

Ahwatukee Foothills News: “Not all LD18 candidates will debate on Friday”

By: Paul Maryniak

Date: Sep. 5th, 2018


“Ahwatukee voters will get an early chance to see the some of the legislative candidates vying for their vote when the Clean Elections Commission on Friday holds a debate for the LD18 hopefuls.”

“….while Republican Senate candidate Frank Schmuck and Greg Patterson, the House candidate, “have not confirmed either way at this time.”

AZCentral: Did Frank Schmuck duck loaded question? Or was he ill?”

By: Mary Jo Pitzl

Date: Oct. 28, 2016


“The state Senate candidate fell ill a few hours before an “accountability session” hosted by the Valley Interfaith Project. He issued a news release expressing his regrets. And then, voila!, less than a day later, the intrepid candidate was back on the campaign trail.”

“Insider wondered if Schmuck was trying to dodge the meeting, given the questions appeared to take a disapproving view of his enthusiastic embrace of eliminating the state income tax. To wit, one question: “Will you oppose any further tax cuts, especially reductions in state income tax?”

“He would have had a fight: His Democratic opponent, Sean Bowie, opposes the plan.”

“Seems VIP still wants to hear Schmuck’s argument for axing the tax. Joe Rubio, lead organizer for the group, said there was no “gotcha” behind the meeting. “We listen respectfully to candidates, whether we agree with them or not,” he said.”