FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Arizona Capitol Times and AZCentral dismisses Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s so-called ‘School Reform Plan'”


“At least three of Brophy McGee’s five proposals to “provide more accountability and transparency” mirror bills that the ADLCC highlighted for failing to get a hearing in [State Senate] educ. [commitee]”

PHOENIX, AZ – Recently, the Arizona Capitol Times and the Arizona Republic took Sen. Kate Brophy-McGee to task over her so-called “School Reform Plan.” Brophy-McGee released a number of suggested reforms to charter schools following numerous reports by The Republic of corruption.

However, as noted by The Capitol Times and The Republic Brophy McGee’s reform plan merely mimick’s Democratic legislation that was introduced while she served as State Senate Education Vice Chair.

“Brophy McGee response is too little, too late. Acting after her colleagues have made millions off of hard-working Arizonans is not leadership, it’s political theatre,” said Murphy Bannerman, ADLCC Communications Director

In response to criticism from Democrats for her lack of action Brophy McGee said she did not set the Education Committee’s agenda.”

“That’s a cop-out – Brophy McGee holds one of the highest positions in the committee as Vice Chair. If McGee lacks the political will to push her colleagues to set an agenda that helps students and protects tax-payer dollars, then why should voters send her back to the legislature?

Murphy Bannerman added, “Voters want a leader who won’t make excuses and will get things done for Arizona’s children.”


By: The Arizona Capitol Times

Date: Sept. 17th, 2018

Key Points:

“At least three of Brophy McGee’s five proposals to “provide more accountability and transparency” mirror bills that the ADLCC highlighted for failing to get a hearing in educ.”

“Brophy McGee called for legislation to “improve transparency for school finances,” which is exactly what bills like S1174 (ADE; charter schools; assessments) and S1308 (charter schools; financial report) called for – an annual assessment of the effects of charter schools on school districts, and specific requirements for charter audits, including individual audits for each school.”

“As for Brophy McGee’s call to “close loopholes in procurement practices,” Democrats also pushed S1309 (charter schools; accounting; procurement; audits), which would have required charter school procurement to be subject to the same competitive public bidding requirements as school districts.”

“Kate Brophy McGee continuously claims to be an advocate for public schools. The fact of the matter is that her track record as Vice Chair of the Senate Education Committee shows she refused multiple opportunities to bring charter schools up to the same level of accountability as our public schools,” Charlie Fisher, executive director of the ADLCC

“Another Brophy McGee goal has been sought by Democrats for years: A repeal of the automatic annual

growth of the cap on a private school scholarship program. House and Senate Democrats co-sponsored a

bill to eliminate the 20 percent annual percent increase to the cap on income tax credits for contributions to STOs, but the bills went nowhere.”

AZCentral: “Gov. Doug Ducey backs GOP lawmaker’s call for charter-school reform”

By: Craig Harris

Date: Sept. 18th, 2018

Key Points:

“The Democrats have been yelling into the wind for a very long time for some degree of charter accountability,” Marsh said. “I don’t understand why this would become an issue for her when it hasn’t been for the last eight years.”

“That legislation likely would have prevented charter-school operators from cashing in to make millions, she said.

“Hobbs said this year that Democrats in the state Senate pushed 11 charter-school-reform bills. All were killed by Republicans in leadership.”

The Democrats’ proposals would have required the state Charter Board to approve any excess financial distributions to charter owners and conduct performance audits.”

“Democrats also called for having charter schools’ financial records be subject to public disclosure and for their teachers and superintendents to meet the same minimum standards as district schools. Currently, charter schools do not have to hire certified teachers or administrators.”

“Marsh, who has taught English for 27 years, said Brophy McGee could have helped push through some of the Democratic bills.”