RELEASE: The Votes Speak for Themselves: Mesnard votes with the ADF



Speaker Mesnard’s radical conservative policies have lead to some of the most extreme restrictions on abortion in the nation and heinous attacks on the LGBTQ community. In the last eight years as Representative of LD 17, Mesnard has voted year after year to restrict access to abortion and as Speaker of the House has refused to hear legislation to protect the LGBTQ community.

Two of his most glaring votes that stand out are SB1367 (short title: abortion; live delivery; report; definition) and SB1062 (short title: exercise of religion; state action) both bills made the news and received national outcry for their harsh and cruel policies.

“It is disgraceful that Mesnard has prioritized the far-right policies of the ADF before the health and wellness of our communities,” said Murphy Bannerman, ADLCC Director of Communications. “Mesnard’s voting record of radical conservative stances has hurt our state, and do not align with Arizonan values.”

Mesnard’s Voting Record:


  • Yay on SB1394: DHS; reporting; abortions


  • Yay on SB1367: abortion; live delivery; report; definition


  • Yay on HB2599: AHCCCS; provider participation; exclusions
  • Yay on SB1445: health care services; patient education
  • Yay on SB1485 – payroll deductions; charitable contributions; prohibition
  • Yay on SB1324 – abortion clinics; medication abortions


  • Yay on SB1318 – abortion; health care exchange; licensure


  • Yay on HB2284 – abortion clinics; inspection; minors; reporting
  • Yay on SB1062: exercise of religion; state action.


  • Yay on HB2800 – public funding; family planning; prohibition
  • Yay on HB2627 – tax credit; charitable organizations
  • Yay on HB2036 – (NOW) abortion; procedures; informed consent; requirements
  • Yay on SB1009 – (NOW) schools; preference; childbirth; adoption


  • Yay on HB2416 – abortion
  • Yay on HB2384 – abortion; public funding prohibition; taxes

Media Coverage:

The Arizona Republic: Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signs controversial abortion bill

By: Alia Beard Rau and Mary Jo Pitzl

Date: March, 23, 2017


“Due to Arizona’s definition of abortion, the bill applies not only to what most consider a traditional elective-medication or surgical abortion, but also to any instance in which something is done to cause the early delivery of a baby when the baby is not expected to live.

“This would include mothers who are induced early because of a fatal fetal anomaly or because something has gone wrong with the fetus or the pregnancy.”

Physicians say the new definition will require them to perform unnecessary procedures on a baby with no chance of survival instead of the current practice of providing “comfort care” to allow these babies to die in the arms of their parents.”

Phoenix New Times: SB 1062 Was the Best Thing to Happen for Arizona’s LGBT Community”

By: Monica Alonzo

Date: March 19, 2014


“Consider that it was first rolled out in 2013 on the heels of Phoenix’s expanding a city law to prohibit discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations based on an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

“At the same time, state lawmakers have rejected anti-discrimination measures that would protect people on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.”

“A survey conducted by Public Policy Polling after Brewer’s veto found that Arizona voters agreed overwhelmingly with her decision. The poll revealed that 66 percent were opposed to SB 1062, compared to 22 percent in favor of it.”

“Beyond that, the poll discovered that — for the first time — more Arizonans supported legalizing gay marriage in the state than opposed it.”

“My wife, Amanda, and I are still treated as legal strangers in Arizona — despite our years of commitment,” Ramos wrote. “And although we’ve built our lives and are raising a son here in Arizona, we’re still denied the tools and security we need to protect our family. In Arizona, my family still isn’t free — and it’s time to change that.”