FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Arizona Democrats Honor our Veterans, Celebrate Fourth of July


Phoenix –  The Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee released the following statement in honor of our veterans and in celebration of the Fourth of July:

“On this Fourth of July holiday, we honor the service of the men and women who served, and those currently serving in the military and their families who serve with them, as we celebrate America’s history and it’s founding fathers. Our gratitude to our veterans will never be enough, compared to the sacrifices they make every day for our country.

This year the ADLCC is proud to have fifteen veterans running for office out of the 100 plus Democratic candidates running for the state legislature. We applaud their service to our country and their continued commitment by running for legislative office.” – Charlie Fisher, Executive Director of the ADLCC

This legislative session Democrats have fought to improve the lives of veterans here in Arizona by introducing and passing critical legislation.

Veterans Bills Introduced in 2018 by Legislative Democrats:

  • HB2575 – license; nonoperating identification; homeless veterans (Signed by Governor)
  • HB2027 – alternative fuel special plates; veterans (Signed by Governor)
  • HCM2003 – deported veterans; medical treatment
  • HB2440 – VLT exemption; veteran amputees
  • HCM2007 – blue water navy; Vietnam veterans
  • SB1239 – tribal nations; veterans’ services; appropriation
  • HB2420 – veterans’ services; benefits counselors; appropriation
  • HB2424 – procurement; veterans; Arizona bidders; preference
  • SB1188 – veteran; outdoor recreation; grants
  • SB1300 – medical marijuana; patient cards; veterans
  • HB2234 – veterans; mental health courts; establishment

Legislative Democrats will continue to fight for the care, respect, and the essential services veterans deserve in Arizona.