Rep. Stringer’s Comments are more than Candor, should Resign

In the Daily Courier Rep. Stringer’s comments are chalked up as pure candor. “Would you rather have a sitting representative who is two-faced, from whom you cannot trust that he or she is telling you their true opinion? We think not.”

We could not disagree more. The outrage is over a person lambasting a group of people that he is pledged to represent with the use of age-old racist tropes. Stringer’s comments seek to stoke nationalist anxiety, during a time when the very group he criticises is under persecution by the federal government. Whether some people think his statements are “true” or not is irrelevant. Racism and Xenophobia are not up for question, they empirically exist. Stringer’s comments aline with those worldviews and add to an environment where many minorities feel physically unsafe and at risk. Regardless of race or ethnicity, all community members should be represented fairly by their elected leader. A true leader always thinks critically about the rhetoric they use and seeks to bring communities together rather than tear them apart. We stand by our earlier statement and continue to call on Rep. Stringer to resign from office.

The Daily Courier article: