Educators are Running for Office!

We are in awe of the accomplishments teachers have made this year for Arizona students. After six days of walkouts, teachers forced the legislature and the public to acknowledge that Arizona public schools have gone with inadequate funding for far too long. We are proud of our members and candidates for standing beside teachers during this critical time and are proud to have a Democratic caucus that fights for students every day!
While all of our members are education advocates, we would like to acknowledge candidates who are current teachers or have come from an education background. We need more educators and pro-public education candidates in office who will fight every day for the future of Arizona children. Each of the candidates needs volunteers to collect signatures to qualify for the ballot, knock on doors to notify voters they are running for office and house parties to raise money for their campaign.

Find out which district you live on the AZ Redistricting website.



You can also sign their petitions online via E-Qual