Why We Cannot Forget

It has been 25 days since the February 14th, school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida. 25 days since Republican Rep. Payne passed a bill in the Arizona House of Representatives that will make it legal for foster care parents to have loaded firearms in their household, without securing the firearm in a storage locker. Read more about Why We Cannot Forget[…]

One to Watch

Yesterday, SCR1034 was held on the House Government Committee agenda after a long day of testimony on other bills. However, this bill will be back next week and we have a chance to have our voices heard. Sign our petition today! GrassrootsActions.org/HandsoffOurVote Make sure JD Mesnard knows how you feel about this bill, and why Read more about One to Watch[…]

Celebrating International Women’s Day!

On this #internationalwomensday the ADLCC is proudly celebrating our current and past legislative candidates that have run for office in Arizona! Arizona already has a larger number of female legislators than any other state, now its time for the #womeninblue to take over the House and Senate. With the appointment of Rep.Geraldine Peten to the state legislature last year, Arizona jumped to the Read more about Celebrating International Women’s Day![…]

More Goverment Overreach from the AZGOP

The ADLCC has been down at the Capitol tracking the hundreds of legislative bills introduced. Most of these bills have made no progress, especially groundbreaking and progressive legislation introduced by Democrats. We have shared with you before the bills and progressive issues Democrats are championing this session, but now it is time to take a look at Read more about More Goverment Overreach from the AZGOP[…]

Hands Off Our Votes!

Last Week SCR1034, the “Republican #Powergrab” Sponsored by Sen. Yarbrough, passed the Senate on a party-line vote. While several of our Democratic Caucus members gave strong speeches as to why this legislation is unnecessary and severs to empower politicians, not voters; several Republican Caucus members spoke on the Senate floor as to how the Democrats “hijacked” the Independent Redistricting Read more about Hands Off Our Votes![…]