What are they really afraid of?





Last week, Republican Rep. Coleman passed HCR2007 out of the House of Representatives, which would make it illegal to make a donation to a political party as a Clean Elections candidate unless it is for access to voter data and illegal to donate money to nonprofits that engage in political activity. This bill now heads to the Senate and if passed could end up on the ballot this November.

Rep. Coleman along with Rep. Shope and Rep. Allen made statements on the House floor that the real reason for this bill is because of candidates running in their district who “are not serious” about running and therefore making their re-elections harder.

Once again, Arizona Republicans are looking out for themselves instead of protecting hardworking Arizonans. This session has been noted for an unprecedented number of “attempts to empower the Legislature and disempower the voters” by the Republican Caucus. Instead of responding to the community outcry for gun reform or hearing bills that would empower and protect women, the Republican caucus is focused on their reelections.

If Republicans are worried about wasteful spending of taxpayer money, then they should focus on legislation that empowers Arizonans not themselves. Arizonans are paying for their salaries, and deserve representatives that represent them.

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  • @douglas_coleman HCR 2007 is another attack on the will of the voters. This bill chips away at the clean elections commission, which allows grassroots candidates to run on principles, not dark money from corporations. #votethemout”

  • “HCR 2007 by Rep.@douglas_coleman is another #powergrab by Republicans who are desperate to hold onto their seats and will do anything to stop qualified candidates from running for office.  Instead of earning their reelections, the Arizona GOP is working to rig the system against voters #votethemout.”