February 23, 2018

Run for Office


Deciding to run for office is a life-changing decision that will impact you, your loved ones, and your community whom you are seeking to represent! Below, you will find the first few steps you should take after deciding to run for State House or State Senate. 


First steps: 

-Have a conversation with your family and loved ones. Running for office brings unique work hours, public spotlight in the media, and hard work. Having a strong support system is an important part of running for office.

-Contact the chair of your LD. Hopefully, you will already have a relationship with them and feel comfortable working with them thoughout this process. If not, attend your soonest LD meeting and start that relationship. 

-Contact the ADLCC. We offer services, advice, and support to candidates who are running for State House and State Senate. If you are planning on running, please contact our Executive Director, Charlie Fisher, at cfisher@azdem.org.

-Determine your signature requirement and deadline. You must gather the appropriate amount of petition signatures to get your name on the ballot. This information can be found at www.azsos.gov


For now, if you have questions about who is running in your area or would like to run for office, please contact ADLCC Executive Director, Charlie Fisher, at cfisher@azdem.org.