February 23, 2018

Run for Office

Every Democrat running for Arizona State House or Senate can expect to receive the following baseline services through ADLCC (along with additional resources from ADP, major county parties, and their local legislative districts).

  • First Things First Guide to Getting Your Campaign Started – 10 easy steps to launch a campaign.
  • Campaign Manual – Complete with timelines, a basic field and communications strategy, and templates for every 
step of your campaign (including budgets and fundraising letters). ADLCC will also help candidates tailor a 
specific campaign plan for winning their district.
  • Candidate Training – Both centralized candidate/campaign manager training in key locations (including 2-day fall 2017 and spring 2018 training) and individualized/online training.
  • Campaign Tracking Materials – Weekly reporting forms to monitor campaign progress and immediately key in 
on any issues as they arise.
  • Communications Support – Including access to sample literature and mail pieces, coordinated mailings, social media assistance (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), help with press releases and public speaking opportunities, photography support, and a list of union printers across the state.
  • Legislative District Snapshots – Complete with key demographic information and voting behavior
  • Legislative Issues Briefing Book – Including white paper summaries on issues ranging from education and economic development to public lands and social services.
  • Compliance Support – Helping candidates understand the legal requirements and parameters associated with running for office.
  • Access to the Voter File (VAN) through ADP – Includes important information on voters in your district to help you target your work and outreach effectively.
  • Candidate-to-Candidate Communication – Access to a democratic candidate list serve to share ideas, stories, feedback, and for candidates to support one another in their candidacy.
  • Assistance Setting Up Effective Volunteer Teams – How to recruit, maintain and utilize volunteers and campaign managers.
  • Ongoing ADLCC Staff Advice – ADLCC staff in Phoenix, as well as eventual field staff throughout the state, will be consistently available to answer campaign questions as they arise.

Candidates qualify for the ballot in May of 2018, after turning in their required signatures to appear on the 2018 ballot. Once we have a confirmed list of Democratic legislative candidates for 2018, we will post it here.

For now, if you have questions about who is running in your area or would like to run for office, please contact ADLCC Executive Director, Charlie Fisher, at cfisher@azdem.org.