Republicans refuse to remove anti-LGBTQ laws even with pressure from Democrats

HB 2364, which gained national attention as it allowed employers to fire someone who was gay or transgender, was still not addressed by the Republican legislature in this legislative session. Democratic lawmakers have been fighting to include sexual orientation and gender identity in existing anti-discrimination laws, but state Republicans have once again chosen to keep[…]

Ducey allows looser standards for public school teachers

Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a controversial measure allowing more people who lack formal teacher training to teach in public schools. SB 1042 changes existing standards, which require tests of professional proficiency, and instead allows anyone with “expertise in a content area or subject matter” to teach. Ducey claims that the bill will allow[…]

Republican budgets completely ignore Democratic concerns

  The budget battle this year once again left Arizona Democrats behind as state Republicans gained almost everything that they wanted. Governor Doug Ducey, who faced criticism when he slashed education budgets in 2015, pushed for increased funding for universities, which could help him in his bid for reelection in 2018. The funding increased research[…]