LD6 Republicans named enemies of Public Education

In districts across the state, voters are concerned that the Republican Majority is not funding public education. Republicans recently took a vote to allow for expanded vouchers, allowing parents to utilize tax payer money to subsidize their child’s private education.

But people are taking notice – particularly the press.

In an article recently posted in the Payson Roundup, the Editorial Board has called the LD6 GOP Legislators enemies of public education.

Senator Sylvia Allen,  Representative Bob Thorpe, Representative Brenda                              Bart. They represent Rim Country. And they’ve apparently decided we don’t need free, universal public schools.

So they all three voted for vouchers — which will probably do even more damage              to public schools in Arizona than our indifferent Legislature has done to this                        point by ensuring we have among worst-funded schools in the nation.


If they were parents of struggling children — that vote would take them from                      neglecting their children to outright abuse. Hard to know whether neglect or                        abuse does more harm to a child — but the combination is terrible.”

(PaysonRoundup.com April 11, 2017)

The LD6 Republican Legislators have consistently supported the mass cuts to Arizona’s public education system. Expanding vouchers in Arizona will damage rural schools that exist in Legislative District 6.

It is time for a change.