“Our Schools Need to Be Funded Now.”

Watch Arizona House Democratic Leader Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer explain the Democratic legislative caucus education funding plan on Horizon.

12115715_10153717722262317_2406108199212920929_nTo reiterate, this plan:

  • Provides immediate funding for schools, does not need voter approval but it does meet the requirements for education funding mandated by the voters.
  • Does not raise taxes, leaves the rainy day fund intact, and does not dip into the land trust or First Thing First.
  • Uses a combination of cash balances, ongoing revenue, and a cap on the corporate school tuition organization (STO)
  • Will provide sustainable funding for the court-ordered K-12 inflation adjustment and over $3.6 Billion in additional funding to Arizona’s public school children over the next 10 years.

Our plan will pass if we have 31 bipartisan votes in the House and 16 in the Senate. Contact your legislators at http://goo.gl/0xMXmX and call the governor at (602) 542-4331. Ask them to support the education funding plan that invests in Arizona schools now.