Innovative Education Plan from AZ Democratic Leaders Would Not Raise Taxes or Raid Land Trust

Democratic ED Funding Plan (1)The Arizona Democratic House and Senate caucuses, led by Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer and Sen. Katie Hobbs, have released their own education funding plan.

The Democratic education plan requires no new taxes, does not raid the State Trust Land, and will provide $3.6 billion to our children’s schools over the next 10 years (more than one-and-a-half times the funding that the Governor’s depletion of the State Trust Lands would provide).

The Democratic education plan would use a combination of cash balances, ongoing revenue, and a cap on the corporate school tuition organization (STO) program to provide sustainable funding for the court-ordered K-12 inflation adjustment.

View the details of the plan here.

Pass this information on to all who care about the state of education in Arizona, and call your legislators to tell them to support this Democratic caucus plan to help public education now!