AZ Legislative Democrats FY18 Education Policy and Fiscal Priorities

FY18 Education Policy & Fiscal Priorities Education Investing in public education, including K-12 schools and universities, is critical to changing the trajectory of the state. Democrats have prioritized efforts to reduce class sizes, correct the teacher shortage problem and develop long-term solutions that will provide our schools the resources they need. This session, Democrats introduced[…]

No more time to lose 

No time to Lose is the top line of a new bipartisan report that the National Conference of State Legislatures just released outlining immediate steps that Legislatures across the country could take to help improve education. The full report, No Time to Lose: How to Build a World-Class Education System State by State, offers an overview of what[…]

Our students shouldn’t settle for fourth worst

Across the state students are going back to school but what will those schools be like?  The picture across the board isn’t all that pretty. A recent study from a financial advice website, WalletHub, indicates that the Arizona school system is fourth worst in the nation. The website looks at 17 indicators in 50 states and Washington,[…]

Arizona #1 in Punishing the Poor

Arizona is #1 in the nation for harshest laws regarding the neediest families. Dr. Eric Meyer was correct when he said that we can do better and it is “all about who you elect.” Arizonans have a choice at the ballot box this cycle to vote for those who care about making sure the neediest[…]

Arizona’s Legislators Need to Step UP

This month, Arizona left some 955 poor families—and their 1,660 children—with a little less money to put food on the table. In a striking example of how badly misplaced Gov. Ducey’s and Legislative Republican’s priorities are, the cuts to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program they passed last year became effective on the same day as[…]

AZ Kids Deserve Better

At the Capitol, right now, legislators are considering a controversial education funding proposal that could affect school spending for generations. The plaintiffs have agreed to receive just over 70% of the court-ordered payment for inflation funding. This is not enough money to substantially affect our bottom-of-the-barrel national ranking on per pupil funding. And schools would[…]

“Our Schools Need to Be Funded Now.”

Watch Arizona House Democratic Leader Rep. Dr. Eric Meyer explain the Democratic legislative caucus education funding plan on Horizon. To reiterate, this plan: Provides immediate funding for schools, does not need voter approval but it does meet the requirements for education funding mandated by the voters. Does not raise taxes, leaves the rainy day fund[…]