RELEASE: “The ADLCC Denounces the Supreme Court’s Partisan Ruling on the Travel Ban”

PHOENIX –  The ADLCC issues the following statement regarding the Supreme Court of the United States decision on the Trump Administration’s Travel “Muslim” Ban. “The Trump Administration has set a dangerous anti-immigrant tone that has worked its way down to every level of government. The ruling yesterday by the Supreme Court of the United States[…]

Educators are Running for Office!

We are in awe of the accomplishments teachers have made this year for Arizona students. After six days of walkouts, teachers forced the legislature and the public to acknowledge that Arizona public schools have gone with inadequate funding for far too long. We are proud of our members and candidates for standing beside teachers during this[…]

The AZ GOP Continues to Attack Voters

    Today in the Senate Commerce and Public Safety Committee, over 100 community members and advocacy groups signed in to speak in opposition to HCR2028, which would make it difficult for workers to prove their employer fired them after using paid sick-leave, asking for a wage increase, or requesting health benefits. Just over a[…]

Why We Cannot Forget

It has been 25 days since the February 14th, school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas in Parkland, Florida. 25 days since Republican Rep. Payne passed a bill in the Arizona House of Representatives that will make it legal for foster care parents to have loaded firearms in their household, without securing the firearm in a storage locker.[…]

One to Watch

Yesterday, SCR1034 was held on the House Government Committee agenda after a long day of testimony on other bills. However, this bill will be back next week and we have a chance to have our voices heard. Sign our petition today! Make sure JD Mesnard knows how you feel about this bill, and why[…]